Save the Children Project

Save the Children Project

Prysmian Group has been supporting Save the Children – the largest independent international organisation for the protection of children around the world – in order to improve infant life expectancy in Ethiopia.

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The Enaate project has taken the Group to Southern Ethiopia, a region with one of the highest infant mortality rates worldwide, and is part of a wider 3-year collaboration 5 further districts, Burji, Amaro, Konso, Derashe and Alle.

The goal of the project is to contribute to a reduction in maternal and infant mortality in an area where the health system suffers from under-staffing and a lack of essential equipment and supplies, resulting in extremely limited access to treatment.

In Ethiopia, nearly 90% of mothers receive no medical examinations or treatment either before, after or during childbirth.
Thanks to our support, Save the Children was able to build and equip two Health Posts in the Kereda and Shafule areas.

Around 1,000 children under 5 years of age and their mothers can now receive care, vaccines, and assistance in case of malnutrition. In addition, childbirths are now assisted by qualified staff trained by the NGO.

The Health Posts operative 24/7 and are now equipped with water, soap, disinfectants, water purifiers, water tanks and cleaning equipment to ensure suitable standards of hygiene.

The NGO also supplies the Posts with the drugs and medical equipment needed for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases and infections in mothers and infants.

Health Post workers are providing initial medical screening and early treatment to mothers and children, giving almost 90% of the local female population the opportunity to receive support before, during and after childbirth.

In addition, community health workers promote vaccination campaigns and raise awareness of the availability and benefits that health posts can offer.

Such healthcare facilities are fundamental in countries like Ethiopia, as they provide access to health services in remote communities and rural areas where access to medical treatments and first aid are more difficult. They are a real point of reference for these communities in that they provide care for more isolated and vulnerable children and mothers who live too far from district hospitals and healthcare centres.

Our goal, together with Save the Children, is to help reduce maternal, newborn and early child mortality and to give mothers and children access to healthcare and nutrition services in an area where the health system suffers from understaffing and lack of essential equipment.

Thanks to the Enaate project, Save the Children has provided medical examinations and treatment to around 47,000 children below the age of 5, pre-natal assistance to around 16,000 pregnant women, and birthing services to around 8,000 women, with the assistance of qualified staff in suitably hygienic conditions.

This project has also monitored, the weight and growth of around 9,600 children aged below 3, vaccinated around 28,000 children, against measles and raised awareness among around 2,000 pregnant women about correct health, hygiene and nutritional practices. 

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